Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship

Zhiwen Fan Team Wins Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship

WNCG student Zhiwen Fan and his teammate Rishov Sarkar (Georgia Tech) were among the winners of this year's Qualcomm Innovation Fellowships for North America. The pair's winning project studied "Real-Time Visual Processing for Autonomous Driving via Video Transformer with Data-Model-Accelerator Tri-Design."

Students Lakshay Narula and Matthew Murrian Receive Qualcomm Innovation Fellowships

Today in Austin, pedestrians and cyclists account for more than 50% of all traffic deaths, even though they only make up about 20% of travelers on the roads. While the push towards automated vehicles could reduce these deaths, unless vehicles receive help from pedestrians, automated cars could become too cautious and risk avoidant to function efficiently.

WNCG Student Ahmed Kord Receives 2016 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship

WNCG student Ahmed Kord received a 2016 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship for his project entitled, “Fully-Integrated Reconfigurable Magnet-less Non-reciprocal Components for Next-Generation Wireless Communication Systems.” The project was completed in collaboration with Negar Reiskarimian at Columbia University.

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