WNCG Student Ken Pesyna Wins Best Presentation at ION GNSS+ 2013

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

In September, WNCG graduate student Ken Pesyna received a Best Presentation Award at the Institute of Navigation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS+) conference, the world's largest technical meeting in the area of positioning, navigation and timing. His presentation and paper, titled 'Precision Limits of Low Energy GNSS Receivers,' discussed a strategy to determine the optimal combination of receiver parameters that maximizes a user's positioning precision under a fixed low-energy constraint. According to Pesynas co-advisor, Dr. Todd Humphreys, both session chairs were excited about the presentation. We cameto many of the same conclusions by trial-and-error, but Ken showed us we could have gotten there from first principles, said Greg Turetsky, formerly of CSR. Ken Pesyna is co-advised by Dr. Robert W. Heath Jr. and Dr. Todd Humphreys. The presentation and paper can be downloaded here.