Upcoming Events

Oct 13
EER 3.640/3.642

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Multiple access communication has been studied extensively in information theory and wireless communications for several decades. Simultaneously, sparse recovery problems including compressed sensing, group testing, neighbor discovery in wireless networks, and datastream computing have also been studied in depth within their respective research communities. Although connections between multiple access and sparse recovery were pointed out as early as the 1980s, these fields have emerged mostly independently.

Nov 11

The Student Research Showcase is a chance for WNCG & 6G@UT Industrial Affiliate Program members to meet with WNCG faculty and students to discuss research findings, sponsored project results, and internship and job opportunities. The central event of the Showcase is a poster session featuring late-breaking research presented by WNCG's talented graduate students.

Affiliate contacts should refer to their email for more details.

Recent Events

14 Sep 2022

12:00 noon to 1 PM 

Sixth-generation (6G) cellular communication systems demand new and innovative means to ensure communications are dynamic, effective, and efficient.  Namely, broadband communication needs to be seamless as users migrate across multiple venues—vehicle, home, office, or wilderness, demanding high bandwidth offering for various communication scenarios. 

25 Feb 2022

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for the NextG Standard: Enabling and Experimentally Validating Secure and High-Bandwidth Links

23 Apr 2021

It has been demonstrated recently that deep learning (DL) has great potentials to break the bottleneck of the conventional communication systems. In this talk, we present our recent work in DL in wireless communications, including physical layer processing and resource allocation.